SMU MCA & MBA Assignment 2016

MCA is the most popular course offered by many universities as a regular, distance and online mode. Some universities are also offering MCA (BCA) with 2-year duration. SMU is the first and most popular university offering MCA Distance in various specialization.

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The MCA degree Program:

The course duration of SMU-DE’s Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree Program is a minimum of 3 Years (6 semesters) and a maximum 5 Years.

The MCA Program, which combines intensive practical with theory, helps students learn:

· The fundamentals of Computer and IT.

· Programming in C++ and Java.

· System Analysis and Design.

· Algorithm Analysis and Design.

· Web technologies and advanced Software Engineering.

· Technical, professional and communications skills.

The UGC-approved MCA syllabus, designed by veteran academicians in consultation with industry experts and specialists, is constantly updated to reflect changing industry needs.

Following Subjects Assignments for SMU Assignments spring session are available for SMU MCA following subjects-

First Semester

MCA111 Fundamentals of Computer and IT

MCA112 Programing in C

MCA113 Foundation of Mathematics

MCA114 System Analysis and Design

Second Semester

MCA211 Operating System

MCA212 Advanced Data Structure

MCA213 Object Oriented Programing: C++

MCA214 Communication Skills

MCA215 Computer Architecture

MCA216 Advanced Data Structures using C++

Third Semester

MCA311 Financial Management and Accounting

MCA312 Advanced Database Management System (DBMS)

MCA313 Linux OS

MCA314 Technical Writing

MCA315 Advanced Computer Networks

MCA316 Linux OS (Practical)

MCA317 Advanced DBMS (Practical)

Fourth Semester

MCA411 Microprocessor

MCA412 Probability and Statistics

MCA413 Programing in Java

MCA414 Analysis and Design of Algorithm

MCA415 Java Programming (Practical)

MCA416 Analysis and Design of Algorithm (Practical)

Fifth Semester

MCA511 Web Technologies

MCA512 Advanced Software Engineering

MCA516 Web Technologies (Practical)

MCA515 Seminar Report

Sixth Semester

MCA612 Project work


Elective I

MCA5131 Principles of Multimedia

MCA5132 Wireless and Mobile Communication

MCA5133 Open Source DB Systems

Elective II

MCA5141 Middleware Technologies

MCA5142 Cryptography and Network Security

MCA5143 Data Warehousing and Data Mining

Elective III

MCA6111 Advanced Web Programing

MCA6112 Cloud DB System

MCA6113 Storage Management

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The course duration of SMU-DE’s Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) Program is a minimum 3 years (6 semesters) and a maximum of 6 years.

The BCA degree Program:

· Provides a substantial understanding of concepts in key areas of computer science.

· Teaches professional competence in developing software and in its design and implementation.

· Explains the analysis and synthesis involved in computer systems, information systems and computer applications.

· Provides practical skills to address problems in computer systems and applications.

· Teaches sound presentation and communication skills needed in the IT industry.

The UGC-approved BCA syllabus, designed by veteran academicians in consultation with industry experts and specialists, is constantly updated to reflect changing industry needs.

Following Subjects Assignments for SMU Assignments spring session are available for SMU BCA following subjects-

First Semester

BCA111 Fundamentals of IT & Programing

BCA112 Programing in C

BCA113 Basic Mathematics

BCA114 Digital Logic

BCA115 Programing in C (Practical)

Second Semester

BCA211 Operating System

BCA212 Data Structures and Algorithm

BCA213 Object Oriented Programing: C++

BCA214 Communication Skills

BCA215 Computer Organisation

BCA216 Data Structures & Algorithm using C++ (Practical)

Third Semester

BCA311 Computer Oriented Numerical Methods


BCA313 Understanding PC & Troubleshooting

BCA314 Data Communication

BCA315 Soft Skill — Personality Development

BCA316 DBMS (Practical)

Fourth Semester

BCA411 Computer Networking

BCA412 Java Programing

BCA413 System Software

BCA414 Principles of Financial Accounting and Management

BCA415 Java Programing (Practical)

BCA416 System Software Programing (Practical)

Fifth Semester

BCA511 Web Design

BCA512 Visual Programing

BCA513 Software Engineering

BCA515 Visual Programming (Practical)

BCA516 Web Design (Practical)

Sixth Semester

BCA613 Project



BCA5141 Compiler Design

BCA5142 Graphics and Multimedia

BCA5143 E-Commerce


BCA6111 Advanced Web Design

BCA6112 Open Source Systems

BCA6113 Cloud Computing


BCA6121 Knowledge Management

BCA6122 Software Project Management

BCA6123 Supply Chain Management

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