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Hi Thinkers-Entrepreneurs,

I am Akshay Sharma from India, Young ( 26y), Excited & Hot blooded Entrepreneur owns my small software company named “ BeyondThinkers Infosystems, India “. As my company name itself explains that It’s a systems where deep thinkers meet, stay and work together to assist global client with their beyond thinking. There is a long story behind why i named my company “ BeyondThinkers “.

I am an IT professional after taking engineering I worked for 1.5 years for a India based MNC. While i was taking my Engineering I had realized that if anything can bring change in our life that is our own thinking because “ thinking creates the world, thinking nurture the world “. Until we become a person with power to think beyond, exceptional and big we can’t take our respective professions. “ A Good Thinker Can Only Be A Good Engineer, Doctor, Professor, Person including all professions“. Be a Good thinker & let your good thoughts change the world for you.

I belong to a below middle class family and My financial condition wasn’t good So i had nothing to invest as capital to start my company but It was my dream to become an successful entrepreneur . All I could have invested to start my company was my thinking, my positive thoughts, spirit, enthusiasm, love and blessings of my parents. Yes, I invested my beyond-thinking and announced my company named “ BeyondThinkers “. This is not just a company instead it’s everything for me to live, I breath it, I love it, i die for it and It’s a cluster of all my life long emotions and Today we are undertaking five small projects in parallel and we are delighted to work together and opt to grow faster as a complete thinkers unit. Ideas leads to innovations.

I firmly believe:

We can be best differentiated by “ How good we can think “
We can be best defined by “ How good we can execute our thinking “
We can be best remembered as “ how our good thinking converted into a product “.

Well, It was all about my journey to start my dream company. which is everything for me. I am ending my story with a firm believe that my company “ www.beyondthinker.com “ would definitely help me to become a beyond thinker. I hope that I would become a beyond-thinker one day.

Thanks for your time to read my story.

Apologies for anything in my post if by the way make you feel bad or hurt you.

Best Regards,

Akshay Sharma

CEO, BeyondThinkers Infosystems, India.


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