Crazy things I do for food.

It was Friday and I was going home for weekend . I decided to leave my office at 7 pm considering an average case scenario. My predictions were as follows — 10 mins to get the cab, 20 mins to reach station, anywhere between 15–30 mins to board the train to central railway station and 1.5 hours to reach central. It would be around 9- 9.30 pm when I reach. Probably if I have my dinner there, I’ll have time to board my train at 10 pm. But things don’t go as planned any day right? So here is a timeline of what happened.

7 pm — Left office

7:02 pm — A cab with just two seats available to Guduvancheri. The cab was full in no time and it started right away.

7:08 pm — Reached station. Luckily there was no traffic!

7:12 pm — Train arrives. This has never happened to me before. Cab being ready to leave, Grand Southern Trunk Road with no traffic (!!!) and train arriving on time!

Around 8 pm — The train arrives at Saidapet station and I was already feeling meh. I would reach central by 8.30 and I would have to sit idle for atleast an hour. Next station was Mambalam. I have a very fond memory with this station.

Usually during weekends, when I’m not going home or do not have any other plans, I would visit my cousin at Ashok Nagar. And the usual routine is, I’ll get down at Mambalam, walk to the sandwich shop, have delicious sandwiches there and walk to my cousin’s place. Thanks to the Chennai Metro, it’s been a while I followed this ritual of mine.

Suddenly, out of no where, the thought of having sandwiches crossed my mind. It was like a crazy thing to do. The sandwich shop was at least 600–800 meters away and its heavily crowded. Even if it gets delayed somewhere, like delay in getting the parcels, or no train to central at that time, a severe downpour that will get me stuck somewhere or any of the 147 other things could happen for me to miss the train.

Finally, I decided to get down from the train anyway. What worse could happen? If I do it, I can have a good sumptuous dinner or I will miss my train. I got down from the train. Either way I’ll have an experience to share.

8:10 pm — I get down and start walking to the sandwich shop. The roads were sluggish due to the rains and there was no place to move. Roadside vendors, autos two wheelers and pedestrians all trying to move in a single 10 ft lane. I wanted to go back, I did not want to risk it. But then something within me told to continue. After a few metres, roads became a little wider and I had place to walk freely.

8:20 pm — I finally manage to reach the sandwich shop, and my order was pre decided on the way. A pizza club sandwich. The order was ready in about ten minutes as the crowd was comparatively less and I start walking back to the station.

Around 8:45 pm— I reach the station and I was confident that I would be able to make it.

8: 55 pm : — Longest ten minutes of my life. Train hasn’t arrived yet and I began cursing my decisions, nevertheless I decide to wait. There were no other options for me. No way I can reach by road in this heavy traffic. I start thinking of all possible outcomes and process the decision tree in my mind.

9:00 pm — Train arrives finally! Now I was very much confident that I will make it.

9 :20 pm — I reached the station.I start walking to the platform.

9 :30 pm — I was in the platform, train was in front of me, and there was still half an hour for the train to depart. Half an hour to relish every bite of my sandwich!

Was it worth it? YEAH! Will I do that again? Definitely!