When the travel bug hits you.

It happens to all. It happens to you. It happens to me. It happens to everyone else.

But only for a few people does it make an impact.

The impact is so huge that it defines the purpose of your life.

The feeling of exploring, getting lost in wander lands, talking to people who are not connected to you, people who don’t judge you , being close to nature, observing every little things around, doing things you love, discovering your own self, transforming into a different human being and when it all ends you won’t be the same person you were. That’s what traveling does to you.

And once that bug bites you, you just can’t fit into this civilized world of yours. You feel choked, you feel suffocated, you need to breathe, you need space and you need to live.

Time passes by, in this routine mundane life of yours, and when you realize, you’re too old to do it. You get trapped.

Time is relative my friend. It’s either NOW or NEVER.

What have you brought, to take it back?

All that you have is the time you live now.

Yesterday has already gone thinking about the future. Tomorrow will come anyway without you worrying.

Now is the time you truly have, my friend.