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Setting up Retrofit 2 and running it in Android is easy, but at times it gets trickier when you work in production environment where you’ll be working with backends that use Authorisation Headers, Basic Authentication & SSL enabled API’s. I am a freelance android developer and I’ll be sharing few insights on how to setup these based on my experience.

Logging Interceptor

Retrofit 1 had an inbuilt logging feature which was removed in Retrofit 2 initially, but upon request logging interceptor was added in release 2.6.0.

To add logging interceptor :

  1. Add compile 'com.squareup.okhttp3:logging-interceptor:3.8.0' to your app level build.gradle file.
  2. In your RetroClient class, create a logging interceptor class object, set the log level and add it to the OkHttpClient.Builder class object. …

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A strong argument to start with, ofcourse we are no longer being watched as it is deemed unnecessary. We give away our information not because we are being asked but because they make us do so. Things changed from being kidnapped in darkness to being hunted in day light just because we walked into a jungle.

That said, I would like to keep this short. From someone in tech who always cared about privacy, here I am sharing my change in perspective over the past 4 years, that happens to point in the same direction unlike Mark Zuckerberg whose perspective shifted from “They trust me,Dumb f***s” to “I am much more mature now”. …

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Functional programming is the present & Its time Android developers experience the happiness of coding.

It’s been a while since Google extended its support to Kotlin and app developers have already started moving to Kotlin. But while we adopt modern programming, its also important that we have a look at why this change is so important and is widely accepted.

Having worked in Android for a year+ now, I would like to take you through this change right from the start to how it is seen from the Android perspective. Here we go!

Functional programming is the key for the change

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Now, there has been a lot of complex definitions hanging around in the web defining it, but to put it in a clear and concise…


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