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When COVID-19 happened, Andrew and I were shocked by how the pandemic disproportionately affected young professionals. Without a deep network or years of experience, we were all sent home from our universities with little information or support on what this meant for our careers. We were hit with cancelled internships, rescinded new grad offers, and unanswered questions about how to approach career discovery and create authentic connections.

As two students suddenly with a lot of free time on our hands, we got to work to help our peers. We started with a mentor matching service, manually pairing 500+ students with industry mentors in tech for 1-on-1 video calls, then launched a weekly newsletter for jobs & internships to 70,000 students. …

A few months ago, my friend Elizabeth and I had the amazing opportunity to interview the Founder and CEO of Snap, Evan Spiegel. As aspiring tech entrepreneurs ourselves, we wanted to hear his perspective on what young people can do to create successful companies. His answers were honest, insightful, and even surprising.

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His response ft. a strange bitmoji

For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, Evan Spiegel founded Snapchat (Snap, Inc.) while he was a student at Stanford studying Product Design. He is currently the youngest billionaire in the world. During the interview, he spoke a lot about what he thinks led to his success, as well as advice he has for young entrepreneurs. …


Akshaya Dinesh

A lover of coding, entrepreneurship, and hackathons. Stanford Class of 2022.

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