What are the Exceptional Features & Advantages of Mercedes Benz?

A car that has always been a symbol of class, style and sophistication. Yes, we are talking about the Mercedes Benz, the cream of all automobiles. So, if you have plans of owning one, you are probably thinking of making a dash to one of the car showrooms in Bangalore right away, to check out the different MB models and then pick the one that is ideal for you.

Still wondering what it is that makes the Mercedes Benz a top choice for many? Here are some exceptional features and advantages you would need to know all about:

• The Mercedes Benz range of cars were categorised according to a system that used a combination of alphabets and numbers till 1994. It was in 1994 that the naming system was revised and the various models were categorised into ‘classes’. The classes follow a system wherein three alphabets are followed by a combination of two or three digits. Some estate models or vehicles with diesel engine variants are not given separate letters. Also, some models are not designated any numbers if you observe when you visit one of the car showrooms in Bangalore.

• The numbers in the Mercedes Benz were actually a sequence that was equal to the displacement of the engine in litres (approx number) multiplied by 100. This was till 1994. Post 1994, the numbers were displacement (in litres) multiplied by 10. Today’s models, however, no longer show the real displacement.

• The advantage of a Mercedes Benz lies in the fact that it offers a whole range of cars appropriate for many budgets. So when you visit one of the car showrooms in Bangalore, you will be surprised to see the range of MB cars in different price brackets.

• One more exceptional aspect of the MB is that it is on top of the race, when it comes to modern features. They include the collision alert option, climate control technology, rear view dimming, LED running lamps, etc. There is also an option to integrate smart phones with the car system which is ideal for the tech geeks.

• Innovation is the name of the game at Mercedes Benz, be it in terms of specifications, comfort or design. Pre-Safe is one such unique offering from the Mercedes Benz class of cars. This technology helps a driver or passenger at the front to be moved out of the danger area even before a car crush occurs. The cars also come with a technology called ‘Night View Assist Plus’ which can identify animals or movement of people on streets at night. The recognition range is about 160 m in front of the car.

• In keeping with attempts to reduce carbon emissions and ensure a green future, Mercedes Benz cars have the ‘Plug-in Hybrid’ feature that offers an electric drive mode along with the internal engine (combustion). Mercedes Benz has been a leader on the innovation front and was the first brand to introduce features like anti-lock brakes, fuel injection and diesel engine.

Apart from a range of technology features, Mercedes Benz is also well known for its design, which is all class and sophistication. Whether it is the LED head and tail lamps or the interiors, Mercedes Benz is constantly redefining aesthetics. The newest A-Class ‘Night Edition’ for instance has surfaces that are curvy but also have strong lines, exuding both a sensuous feeling and a straight-clear minimal look. This is just an example — the Mercedes Benz class of cars have a range of cars, from coupe style, cabriolet, hatchback, saloon, sports car, luxury saloon, roadster etc all with some truly special features. The car range matches all personality styles and budgets, so it is indeed a brand with a difference!

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