Eric Zemmour: New Year Message 2022. English Translation

My fellow countrymen,

I will not speak to you in the stereotyped language of New Year’s greetings. The coming year will be a very important one: one that will remain forever engraved in the history of France. Later, I promise you, our descendants will say of us: “In 2022 they were brave, they were clear-sighted, they were great. They were up to the task, loyal to their nation, they believed in themselves, they believed in France, they were bold, intelligent, hardworking and ambitious. They were French.”

They will say of us, “They were coming out of a nightmarish five years, made of presidential nothingness with no form or substance, of economic downgrading, of uncontrolled pandemic, of invasive insecurity, delirious immigration and galloping Islamization. Five years of weakening their identity, and to everyone’s surprise, they overcame fatality, they refused to submit, they seized their destiny with their hands, they overturned political correctness and censorship, they convinced and they won. They began the Reconquest.”

They will say of us: “They were the generation that refused the hypocritical game of professional politicians, they had the courage to see the truth, dare the truth, armed with their history, their traditions, their culture, their way of life, everything that made them proud. In 2022, they abolished feebleness, erased cowardice, smashed mediocrity. It will be said of us, “They were the generation that gave back to a unique nation the grandeur of its independence, the power of its commerce, the dignity of its farmers, the genius of its craftsmanship, the splendor of its industry. They were the free men of free France.”

2022 will be the year of the last chance. We cannot give up. Only we can decide. I need you. I need your optimism, your ardor, your power of conviction. On the evening of April 24, 2022, we will once again be that unique country that prides itself on belonging to no one, on submitting to no one, on obeying only its own destiny. The road will be wide open before us. We will only have to succeed, and we will do it because we have the courage and the will.

We already want it. We have wanted it for so long. So let’s leave behind all doubt and bitterness. Goodbye weakness, resignation, submission. Goodbye Emmanuel Macron. Hello France. The Reconquest begins tonight at midnight. The future will be proud of us. Our children and grandchildren will be proud of us.

Happy New Year, from the bottom of my French heart. Long live 2022! Long live the Republic! Long live the Reconquest and above all, Long live France!




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Akshay Bakaya

Akshay Bakaya

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