The Bond of Small Business Owners and Mini Trucks

Trucks are often considered as the best friends of businessmen. All the industries for some reason or other rely on the transportation. If you think investing in such vehicle is required, but you cannot spare a lot, then the mini truck should be your choice. All industry giants have made sure that there are small sized trucks from their unit lined up for you.

Tata Ace Zip

The micro truck Tata Ace is popularly called as Chota Hathi. The category of the Ace vehicles range got bigger when Tata introduced Ace Zip. Compared with Ace and Super Ace, Zip from Tata is smaller and yet there is no compromise in the efficiency. It is shocking to see the turning radius, 3500 mm, which makes the truck the perfect choice for the narrow and congested busy roads of India. It can also handle the load of 600 Kg, making it an apt choice for small to medium-sized businesses.

Certain features of this truck can assure you to go for the same. The single cylinder engine is 611 cubic cm and is a water cooled engine. This means you do not have to worry when the haul is a bit long. During longer trips, mini trucks do not stand the heat, and the engine will let you stop because of overheating or breakdown. This truck has good torque, which makes it work efficiently regardless of the terrain. Durability and performance are what Tata vehicles are known for, and Zip is no exception. Also, the manufacturer has taken efforts to make it stylish and the design is attention-grabbing too.

Mahindra Jeeto

Available in CNG variant too, Mahindra Jeeto is priced less than 4 lakhs. The CNG variant has become the most sought after model in the industry, and it has the incredible mileage of 33.2 km per kg of fuel, and the payload it offers is 700 kg. If you are looking for eco-friendly options, with no compromise on performance, then Jeeto can be your choice. With the mileage and payload, the features like deck size and price tag also attract the customers. The vehicle uses a single cylinder engine of 625cc, and the torque is 38Nm at the rpm of 1200 to 2000. The power and torque are good enough to drive the truck on all types of terrains.

The drivers can enjoy features like the sturdy body, chassis, and there is a large wheelbase that assures perfect balance. The cabin has undergone a change compared with rest of the trucks from the manufacturer. It offers decent space, headroom, and legroom. An additional feature is that it provides better safety to drivers in case of a crash. In the event of any sudden impact, that is always bound to happen, there are seatbelts, head restraints and bucket seats available.

Eicher Polaris Multix

For the busy Indian roads, and businessmen, the needs of mini trucks can be for various reasons. But one feature they all look forward is the low pricing, and due to low-cost Multix has the upper hand among its competitors. Priced around 3 lakhs, this small pickup truck has loads of features to impress the users. It is a hybrid of a car and a pickup truck. This is a 3-in-1 truck, which ensures users enjoy a broad range of comfort. This vehicle is powered by 625 cc engine and is perfect for highways, and roads of rural areas too. The truck performs magnificently in all kinds of terrains. Designed by keeping small Indian businessmen in mind, it has a cluster of features that are compelling.

When you want to make use of this as a car, you would not have to worry about its looks. It has a stylish design of a micro car. Want to carry the load after dropping kids at school? It’s simple, in 3 minutes, you can fold the seats, and find a place for the load you wish to carry. What is most amazing about this truck is that it can generate electricity for you. Yes, it can generate 3 KW electricity. So, if you are on the move, just use your toaster, or your tools that are required for carpentry work, or tools to work on the farm, or even your washing machine when there is no power at home. Find light in the garage when you need to pick up loads, and never miss out anything.

Using a mini pickup truck can help you save time and money, and if you are choosing Multix, it means you have taken a wise decision.