Bachelor’s relationship with ‘Bananas’

Bachelor: A person who tries his best to minimize the work to get his sh*t done, ‘be it not-turning the lights off because switch can’t be reached from the bed.’

Banana: An asexual fruit.

Oh! Boy, I had to actually check my timeline to find when was the last time I wrote an article. For your knowledge, it was quite long ago. But good thing is that— I am back to my table-chair model after long hiatus. One thing is for sure, the level of productivity takes a toll when your life is confined to a squared room with mattress on the floor being only furniture in rest and pain.

After making couple of positive changes in and around me I am here keying these words. I happened to be discussing random stuff with my friend and in no time that discussion took a turn to the world of fruits, literally. Looking abstract at first instance the talk on fruits we consume is worth mulling upon, OK at least from the perspective of health conscious dudes.

There exists an hypothesis stating why Banana is THE fruit among college goers or any other bachelor. It goes like this, “lesser the amount of effort required to eat a fruit, more eaten that fruit is”. Consider eating a pomegranate, the fruit with juicy red seeds protected by a thick cover. A normal human will need a tool like a knife to open it apart and finger out the red sweet seeds. The later part may sound easy but it’s one tedious task to perform as the seeds are embedded in the pith. Overall, it will take good amount of time to get the real fruit in your mouth. Do you think any lazy lad would dare spending time on? — Hell no.

Now, let’s move to a citrus fruit — Orange. It also needs to be unclothed before consuming and not to forget the irritating fibers its slices come along with. Ah! Again, a no. How about grapes, or apples or fruits with thin skin? Though it’s not necessary to peel off the outer membrane of these fruits but they definitely need to be properly washed to ensure they are dirt free and safe for human intake. Don’t you think washing a fruit is an onerous job? Yes it is, so a big NO to such fruits too. You must be wondering the heights of laziness and desire of getting things done with super ease.

Finally, our super-hero banana, one hell of an asexual fruit which is too lazy to carry its own seeds. It is cheap, can be peeled off with bare hands and gentle finger work, and does’t require refrigeration to sustain itself making it robust. Oh yes, doesn’t require washing too. Cool isn’t it? Yes, perfect for lazy blokes or call them efficiency driven blokes. With mere efforts they are providing their body with essential proteins, fats, carbs and other nutrients. One medium sized banana ~118 g has below nutrient value.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your bananas today. Stay lazy, stay healthy!

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