When you know your mind is being played

We are in a continuous process of evolution. Each day we are different from what we were yesterday. We are making new products, introducing new technologies by spending a great amount of capital and human intellect in research and development in order to make our lives easier, to be more effective in getting things done. And, from outside this looks like a never ending job. We are vying in the schools, colleges, sports, market to be at the top. To stand above all, you need to do different things or same things in a different way. And, it calls for the need to sell yourself, your products. And a term called ‘Marketing’ comes into the picture. There is no meaning in building something and keeping it to yourself and expect return out of it. You get what I mean. Yeah.
Advertisement, a form of marketing is a way to expose the product to variety of larger potential audience. It is so important that any product, any company can’t survive if they miss out on it. Organisations spend huge amount of money and form a separate big team, multiple teams in many cases to take care of marketing their products. They make sure they hire the right candidate who knows how to sell, how to reach to the customer in different ways. As a humdrum observation, most of marketing folks will be good looking, have good communication skill and sense of humor to answer the spontaneous questions thrown by customer. So, their ultimate job is to sell and sell and get more customers and keep the ball rolling.

Most of the people don’t understand why these products are coming at them. They just see the fanciness, the look and feel of the product and they go for it. I call them- ‘common men’. They don’t realize that they never needed something which they have just bought before that product came to them. Surprising, yeah? That’s what advertisement does to people. But, there are some who don’t buy the fancy designs, colors and the feel of product. They do a self-check if they really need it and ask if what they are going to buy worth for the money they are about to shed. I call them ‘smart men’. I come across the former more often than the later.

Let’s take an example of Listerine, how it secured a place in our dressing rooms. Nicole Dyer Lawrence and Christian Bach invented this chemical in 1879 to be used as surgical antiseptic. Till that time, people did not use anything of this sort for their breath and they were totally OKAY with that. Healthcare industry did not take long to realize how they can make money out of this invention under their name. They added a little tint of- mint and launched it in market with an idea to make believe that they have foul breath and voila! it worked. Soon, people started to buy this product. What they called as mint was not actually mint, it was menthol content which gives a fresh feeling. But a ‘common man’ doesn’t give a damn. Company says it’s mint, then mint it is.

Every other man is a sweet — victim of advertisement. He works hard to earn money, to buy things he doesn’t need. ‘Sweet’ Isn’t it? Well, for the sellers it is. At end, of the day it’s the motive they have behind everything they do. Do you really think they care for your skin, hair, health, your comfort? No, they don’t. They say and will always say, customer is their first priority. They lie each time, money is their only priority and logical, it should be so. That’s why they exist, to make money, and more profits.

Materialism is a very common term now a days, google says it is- a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. A ‘common man’ is deeply affected by this materialistic appetite. He is always hungry and feels- buying more things may held his hunger but one can never be satiated unless he learns the right diet which he needs. Actually, it’s not totally his fault. His mind has been played by the ads, he was just weak to fall prey of the big hunter. Advertisement is a pure game of psychology, the success of your product depends on how easily you are able to penetrate into potential customer fickle mind. The moment you make him realize that he needs what you are selling, you hit the mark.

Buying things may give people happiness, but believe me, it is just momentary; it fades away. Also, I am not against spending money. But do make sure to ask yourself a couple of questions before buying anything, “do I really need it?” and “is it worth for the money I am paying?”. If answer to both the questions is ‘yes’, you know what you got to do. Be impervious to the ads.

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