My First Day of College

I am someone who never went to college but always thought about it. The only way I attended was in listening to my children talk about their classes and all the interesting things they were learning College was just a life long dream of mine. I just turned sixty four years old in September. I still thought about that old dream. Was it too late? I had lots of time now; would I dare try? There was an Advant-Age Program at the local University. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sign up.

The day finally arrived. My first day of school. The great adventure was about to begin and all I felt was terror. As I drove along the interstate my mind filled with so many negative thoughts. The old inferiority complex closed in as I began to think to myself, ‘What am I doing?’ ‘I am making one giant of a mistake.’ ‘I am not smart enough to go to college.’ ‘I am too old and gray.’ ‘The kids will laugh when they see me in class.’ ‘I probably won’t live long enough to get a degree.’ ‘Even if I did get a degree, I couldn’t get a job. ‘Who would hire me?’ ‘Wait a minute, what is this talking about a degree; I won’t even pass my first class.’ ‘My memory is terrible. I can’t even remember what I did yesterday, let alone remember what I will learn in class.’ ‘Maybe I should just turn the car around and go home.’

Then, all at once, I saw it! A large billboard sign on the side of the road with a picture of Kermit the frog. I love that little guy. I slowed down a little and read the words next to his picture, Eats Flies, Dates a Pig, Hollywood Star’’Live your Dreams’. Was Kermit was speaking to me? Sure I had lots of things going against me but maybe I could try to live my dream. I didn’t turn the car around but continued on to my destination. A new attitude was building inside me. Positive, I was feeling positive! I drove a little farther on up the highway and there was another billboard. This one had a picture of Albert Einstein with his tongue sticking out. What a strange picture! The caption read, ‘As a student he was no Einstein’ and also included these bold words in red, ‘Confidence’. Forget my negativity. My outlook began to change completely. YES, I can do this! I was now approaching the exit for the college and there stood, still another billboard. This one showed a photograph of a triumphant woman in a cap and gown. Under the picture was her name, Nola Ochs, age 95. ‘Oldest College Graduate’. In bold print were the words, ‘Live Life’

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