7 practices for designing work & life

•Well designed business grows profits sustainably and purposefully

•Well design role is an ever-expanding mastery in doing what only you can and nothing else ie. be extreme in work and balanced/integrated in life

1. Price before product always: Start with a high value job to be done and remember not all clients are equal

2. Create a compelling “billboard worthy” offer that challenges category complaints so that you can work with dream clients

3. Design a wow try and buy demo that shows not tells them why you are the only one/most extreme in your category

4. Stabilize your business platform with at least 3 “legs” of leads

5. Focus your week on your top money making activities and creatively subtract the rest

6. Systemically scale by looking at the next growth barrier and building the relevant marketing, sales or delivery systems

7. Stand for a purpose bigger than making money