The Ride

What is Happiness?
That is the ultimate question.

It was 11.00 pm and I was still at work. An issue that I was stuck with for two days now. Frustration was treating me with all love and warmth. To continue further was just a waste of time.
I call it a day, and come down to the parking only to see it is still raining. Although they say bike rides in rain are fun, I had to take care of my office laptop. So finally I get a Uber, and this ride was going to give me answers.

The moment I enter the cab, the driver greets me with a smile. Unusual. By 7pm, traffic in Bangalore usually wear the drivers out. It was close to midnight; forget about greetings or smile, they don’t even ask you for drop point unless you tell them yourself. But this driver was different. He was humming the old regional song coming on radio. He seemed to love his work. For not once did he crib about the traffic issues, or the minimum rides he has to cover to get the incentives, or the bikers who take wrong cuts all the time.
He seemed to be content and Happy.

I tried to recollect the last time I complained about something, and I could count 10 of them. Most of them were so travail. We humans are really bad at understanding what is really important. We never take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

When I tried to reason How this driver was happy, I could conclude on two things. One, he was accepting things the way they were. Two, he didn’t complain.

I didn’t really talk to that driver during the entire ride, but when I got down and thanked him, I knew he was a happy man.