It is very kind of you to disclose this information; although, I’m not quite sure how you procured…
Seth Sage

Well, the information I’ve gathered comes from several stories and biographies I’ve read of past authors. You see, I’m a student at a university where we learn to dive deep into the human past and find out the real reason that makes humans tick, along with how with all the weaknesses that we have, have survived until now.

These tidbits of information I found scattered among many differing stories of various authors from the ages, and I thought it wise to share it with the large community of upcoming writers of our age.

Do give them a shot, they are quite genuine. Though I’m not so sure about the last one, it seems overly simple to me. But it has been suggested by many authors; but then again, authors are known to suggest a lot of unrealistic dreams and fictions.

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