It doesn’t matter whether China did it, inaction was to blame, or test kits were to blame.

The damage is done.

The longer it goes, the worse the outcomes come out to be.

Finally, the great recession I was anticipating from the last 2 years is now here.

The general public lacks the ability to weigh in the second-order and the proceeding consequences of this event. This lack of knowledge is due to mainstream B.S. media, AI-driven echo chambers we live in, or the digital censorship.

I felt that it’s my moral responsibility to share with you what I know.

So, you’ve decided to start a blog.

But you are struggling to find a niche for your blog. You don’t have an idea as to what to blog about.

You have several ideas running in your head and you are struggling to choose among them (due to fear of missing out) or you have none at all.

I can totally relate to it when I was choosing my first blogging niche in 2013.

In fact, most of the successful bloggers have all been there.

It’s very fortunate that you stumbled across this blog post before starting your blog.

The tips…

Akshay Hallur

Digital Marketer | Blogger | Trainer | Founder at | Growth Hacker by ❤️ | Psych Freak | Realist

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