Vectors vs Borders
McKenzie Wark – “A vector is the means of achieving either the temporal distribution of a stock, or the spatial distribution of a flow of information. Vectoral power is generally sought through the ownership of all three aspects”
McKenzie Wark describes vectors to be the flow of information. It can be the flow of people in migration. Over the years the means of transport has developed to become much easier and efficient. People travel from different parts of globe on a regular basis. The flow of information on the internet can be compared to this due to its efficiency. Messages and ideas reach the internet to a wide audience within seconds. While these can be harmless. There are threats to it as well such as the migration of terrorists, the flow of illegal drugs and the problem of hackers. Hackers are the main reason for the restriction of information on the internet. Hackers are people who seek and exploit weaknesses in a computer system. The passwords creates a border to the flow of information. However, it does not stop them. Passwords were introduced to make it difficult for hackers to access the data. Recently, celebrities private details were hacked and posted all over the internet, this created controversy. Since it was not very difficult for the hackers to get through. It has become evident that no one is safe from what can happen on the internet.
Borders are in place to try and control the negative aspects of the free flow of information. Border checking is usually tight in order to try to eliminate the supply of weapons and drugs. These are deadly when it falls into the wrong hands. Similarly the border checking also prohibits illegal migration without the authorised documentation. Therefore, it is evident that it is necessary for both the vectors and borders to exist. It controls and balances the flow of information and the borders prevents the easy access for those who can cause damage.

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