A guidance to KYVE Incentive testnet

In this article I’ll be explaining the incentive testnet released by none other than KYVE . Before diving into KYVE network, you must install Keplr wallet extension to connect through.

Now after installing the Keplr wallet follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Create or import a wallet, save the mnemonic, switch to the Korellia testnet. Click on your address to copy your address for the next step.

2. Now visit the official KYVE network website and connect your Keplr wallet.

3. After that do the task below, share on the twitter and copy the link to yoour tweet and paste in the below box and click claim your tokens.

4. After that, check out box 2 in the same image provided above. Copy the step 2 message containing your address and paste them into #faucet in their discord server.

Now that you’ve setup your account and got some faucet you’re good to go to complete the tasks.

5. Click on Pools and and provide some funding or delegation whatever you prefer.

Some helpful points to have a better experience:

You can also click on Tasks to check out the task you can do to achieve more points.

Check out Leaderboard for your rank.

Go to Korellia Profile to see how much points you can get for every different task you complete.

And one more thing, don’t forget to spin the wheel to get 1–5–10 $KYVE faucet every 24 hour.

That’s all for now.

For further queries, you can ask in their discord server.

My address kyve1m4krkzye5gdv6lh4epl5wmk5ga4qhthgvvhaca



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