The next chapter: Omni joins Coinbase

Omni supporters and users,

After an incredible journey that began in early 2018, it is with pride and a deep sense of gratitude that today we are announcing our team will be joining Coinbase in their mission of democratizing economic freedom.

We’ve had an incredible couple years serving our community. When we first started building Omni, we noticed a growing need for better tools that help organizations maintain their collective knowledge. Our vision was to enable customer support and sales teams to retrieve answers to any question in seconds, and we developed a suite of enterprise products, ranging from a robust Chrome extension to a powerful Slack app and administrative dashboard. Most of all, we loved working closely with our customers and listening to their needs as we built out the Omni platform.

While we’ll no longer be supporting the Omni platform, we are very excited to bring our entrepreneurial spirit to Coinbase. As a fellow Y Combinator company, Coinbase represents an ecosystem where founders are empowered to own and lead large initiatives. We are committed to using our experience to accelerate Coinbase’s goal of building an open financial system for the world.

Thank you all for joining us on this incredible journey. Although this is the end of the road for Omni, we are certain there will be many more chapters to this book for our team.

Until next time,

The Omni Team

Life Enthusiast

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Akshay Ramaswamy

Akshay Ramaswamy

Life Enthusiast

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