Well, I was talking about politics at work place in my previous blog and this is the continuation of it. I just wrote about the hurdles at work place and how to manage it precisely. The relationship between the immediate boss and the employee should be transparent.

Irrespective of the amount of work you do, you won’t be recognized in most of the institutions or organisations except those elite firms who think out of the box from achieving profit maximisation and wealth maximization. So the ultimate solution at work place to stay healthy is to stay away from the so called TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT . Apart form the monetary benefits, top level management will extract 10 times the salary which is paid to you and if you happen to meet them very often and greet them in good terms, don’t ever think that they like you or your work; its the sign of targeting you because they have a great ego factor altogether. Once they start noticing you at regular intervals, you will be given more and even more tasks. That’s why just be in good terms with your immediate bosses and get things done. And next comes your colleagues. They are very friendly and that friendship comes with lot of benefits or strings attached. Please do always remember that they are just your colleagues and not your family. They are just drawing salary as you are and they become the core competitors for you in your entire career. If you are way too close with your colleagues, beware that they might be using you for their benefit. For instance, a colleague of your’s might take your help with regard to some assignment and at the end they take credit without even considering your help because ultimately that gives them monetary benefits.

But there is also another fact that all colleagues will not behave in same manner, there are genuine people who would always guide you and support you and make you learn in a right way at work place. Finally I would like to summarise this blog by telling you some pints to be considered so that you achieve win win situation @ work place.

  1. Stay away form top management people.
  2. Your colleagues are just colleagues at end of the day and make sure you are not for their benefit.
  3. Never say NO to your boss! Accept whatever he/she tells you and later try to convince him/her if you want to turn that YES to NO(Bosses have huge ego).
  4. Just complete the given task and don’t be oversmart(It could be hazardous).
And finally, Love your work, don’t ever love your organisation because organisation may leave you any point of time but the skills what you possess for work will not leave you what so ever.

Hope you gained some extra information from this small blog :).

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