So you’re running a series A internet startup with around 60–70 employees in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Everyone is working hard to build the company that’s going to change the way we do commerce. You’re building high-scale web apps using cutting edge tech stack, catching fraudsters by deploying cool machine learning algorithms and solving business problems using creative solutions. And suddenly… the internet stops working.

Everything comes to a halt, people get frustrated. You ask yourself, how’s this even possible? We’re living in 2018, most of our life runs on internet and how can bad internet still be…

As a developer, sooner or later, hopefully sooner, you will inevitably hear something along the lines of:

“Don’t waste time writing great code. Refactor your code later. Why are you wasting time figuring out this new design pattern. The client/user doesn’t care about the quality of your code. Just get the feature built.There is a deadline tomorrow. That’s all that matters.”

In context, there’s a possibility that the people telling you this are correct. You will fight against it, but over time it will start making sense to you as well. You’ll make your peace with it and soon it’s…

Written by a programmer for programmers

Our industry went into full meltdown recently. If you’re a designer, a developer, a project manager, or even just a tech enthusiast, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about. The Internet went crazy and decided that everyone should learn how to code.

On internet everyone is talking about how to think like a programmer, but I found only a handful of articles speaking to programmers about thinking from other perspectives. Everyone suddenly seems to think that thinking like a programmer is the way to solve all problems. …

It’s time to rethink our traditional approach to education

Our current engineering education system has some flaws which need to be addressed.

Let me briefly run you through the pros and cons of our current education system.

Good things

  1. Helps students to grow socially
  2. Forces us to study things which if given a choice we will never study and sometimes they turn out to be good

Bad things

  1. No exposure to the actual industry, very few people can start working on live projects without a good training program
  2. More focus on theoretical knowledge and less on practical knowledge
  3. Waste of time studying useless subjects (More precisely non optimal use…

One of the things you should be doing to get rid of your procrastination habit and to utilize your weekends to its fullest

Every Saturday I wake up thinking how I will utilize the day to its fullest. I wake up early and sit in front of my laptop. Now as I have decided that I’ll spend this whole day working, I don’t mind spending some time browsing Facebook or some other stupid website. Then I spend some more time looking at few YouTube videos recommended by my friends. But it okay, right? Cause I’m going to spend my whole day working.

Now Its afternoon and lunch is almost ready so I take a break. After lunch a small nap doesn’t hurt so…

Akshay Shinde

I code, manage and think about product at Also a noob Dota2 player and a Malazan fanboy.

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