Democratise travel, art & culture

We need to democratise travel,art and culture. Ever since I joined Instagram, I noticed the elitism of star bloggers who made travel sound like a rocket science.

The truth is ' it is completely false'. Anyone can travel. ( I really mean it.) The only thing stops you from travelling is yourself. (Or some still don't do it because it pisses of their parents)

But honestly, you don't need to travel to exotic locations for new explorations and experiences. A simple walk around your own city and can do wonders. No matter which city you stay at, you can easily explore around 100 kilometre radius, click fantastic pictures and come back home in the evening. This is better than visiting malls on weekends and waiting to plan next vacation at some crowded and overrated place in the mountains.

Don't fall for the narratives created by star bloggers and travel writers. Do your own research and trust your will to see and do new things.


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