Let’s talk about how fucked up this world is!

Fearless Girl on the Wall Street

We live in a world where Donald Trump is the President and Kim Jong-un threatens every other month to use his (Chinese) nuclear toys.

From the cavemen struggling to lit fire, we have come a long way.

Or have we?

Let’s just admit it. 
The world is not becoming a better place to live. In fact, it is becoming worse. Despite having computers, smartphones and all that jazz, we are still struggling with solving fundamental problems like healthcare, poverty and nutrition. I think the problem lies in our one basic behavioural fault. We all know world is a fucked up place but we just don’t say that enough. 
We just easily scroll down to the news piece about chemical attack in Syria by ‘reacting’ with an angry emoji to it. After that, we quickly move to use the internet as an electronic cat memes database. 
Recently in my home country of India, an image surfaced on social media showing a man tied to an army vehicle being used as a human shield by the security forces. No one seems to care apart from so-called ‘sickulars’ in our country. In fact, some prominent thought leaders in the country went ahead and justified the actions taken by the army.
As I type this piece, probably American military planes are heading to Afghanistan planning another ‘Mother of All Bombs’ attack in order to target ISIS. No one seems to care to ask them about how the hell ISIS suddenly came to Afghanistan and what happened with the Taliban for whom you already bombed the shit out that country. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram outrage is fine and this online activism has its own significance. 
But unless you bring these ‘uncomfortable’ conversations to your dinner tables, dates, office lunches or family gatherings, this world would be the same hell-hole it always was.