A little something from the heart ♥

You remember the necklace that you broke? Even today, its beads lie shattered on the floor and no matter how hard I try, I’ve been unable to put the pieces back together. Believe me, it is quite a task! Every time I try to catch a bead, it reminds me of a story, the one in which you were miles away and I still felt your presence around me; or the one in which I felt like the queen of this world because of the way you cared about me; or the one in which I felt like I found all my happiness in a human being, or the one in which you acted like my haven in the times of difficulties ... How many should I recall, the necklace is a special kind you know! It has got them in endless numbers. Powerless, I take down the memory lane I intend to dwell in the oblivion. My face fails to justify the dilemma of my emotions. The drop that rolls down the cheek stops in amazement near the curves of the smile. I’m grateful for the last few months of my life. They have made me realize the importance of happiness which I almost took for granted and have taught me the lessons I didn’t think I needed to know.They have made me a strong person.I’m sure you’ll be happy to know this. Oh yes, we still talk! I could tell this to you myself. But now it feels as if you’re somewhere far away, a place where I can’t reach. It feels as if we’re on different pages of life now. Maybe I’m still on the same page and you have turned a several pages leaving me behind. I don’t know if I would ever be able to turn the pages. Would I be able to collect all those beads still lying on the floor?