The untouched realities along the road less travelled

I was rambling on my bicycle along the footpath of the IAF station, Gkp - the place where I used to stay few years back. Having arrived from the future, I was fascinated by the fact that I exactly knew how my life would turn out to be in the coming years. It was a mixed bag of happy-sad feelings. A cocktail with the perfect blend of sweetness and sourness that future brought with itself. The nostalgia was different this time, it wasn’t about the past- but the future. Lost in my musings, I made my way home. Mumma, looking a bit puzzled, asked me the reason for my early arrival from school and how on earth did I manage to change my uniform? I told her that I’ve come from the future and that my present self is still in school.(Doraemon effect I guess :p) I told her that everything is going to change in the coming years. I badly wanted to keep her from all the difficulties but mom said that we could inevitably do nothing about the situation as the future can’t be really changed.

With this frame, my dream came to an end. I woke up, smiling. The dream had left me overwhelmed. I was happy that even after all the hardships, we were again doing great and were happy together. Mom and dad were still there with me. Now that’s quite a mundane reason to be happy about. Everyone of us have loving parents who are there with us, always. But, unfortunately there will be a day when dreams would be the only place where we would be able to meet our loved ones. No matter how harsh it sounds, that’s how life is. So why not tell them how much we love them? Why not try to hurt them as less as possible? Why not try to do the best we can, be a better person and make them proud? So that no love remains unexpressed. No words remain unsaid and no one is left with the regret of not doing the best for the ones they love.

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