There is a long way to go!

Akshitha .R
Dec 10, 2017 · 2 min read
Charles river, Boston Massachusetts

Can you see a wooden plank? Yeah that’s the one covered in snow.

A short visit amidst the busyness of Boston was the one to get out to the nearest favourite spot to get the first experience of snow. A struggle through the skating roads and finally landed up here. Mind went blank, though there was so much chaos a couple of hours back on schedule. I sat on a bridge connecting Boston, to Cambridge with Harvard and MIT being its peak points. It felt like seeing the other side of the world at a distance . The water in between was still.

The view from the plank was so calm. It is so different how travel expands your views beyond and beyond limits. When I got an experience of the first snow, it showed me what ecstacy is. On the other hand, I wondered how many million little things like these am I yet to see.

People are the best resources to learn; more than books, classes and so on. The right people make you realize that learning is a never ending process.I have been meeting ambitious, self driven people here, hoping that the energy flows.

Money is needed for sustenance on the first hand and for an experiential life on the other. Earning has taught me how this view is priceless and more experiential than that expensive dinner on the other side of the street. I wonder how people think their life is all done when they have a job in hand and a relationship to end up with.

When you are on your own, Life becomes an adventure. There has always been that one new and interesting thing everyday. I don’t think I can see whatever I’ve missed in a lifetime. Its the places, people and moreover this journey is to see what I am.

I am still searching for what I can become. Coming apart has made me realize that there is nothing that you cannot do if you are confident in yourself. I have this life once, I’m trying to capture a story that’s worth looking back after a few decades.

Loads to learn, to discover, to nurture, to meet, to love and to smile at the end of each one.

Akshitha .R

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A Deep Thinker, active, and a person who finds happiness in different, passionate work

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