What it Takes to Reach There!

Akshitha .R
Aug 12, 2017 · 3 min read

A couple of years back, a city tour through the streets of Mumbai brought to my focus, an aspect, which kept me wondering about for almost six years. I got a glimpse of a superhero s house, and the guide elaborated on his net worth of 160 million dollars. Damn, what does it take to just insure a house for a hundred crores?

After ages, I got to watch this person’s documentary. It was that of Sachin Tendulkar. Yeah, the name says it all; The Dream Catcher of Cricket.

Born from a simple neighborhood, he branched into accomplishing the best record till date. Filled with the clips of his n number of matches was the film! Yet, these were somethings that kept me engrossed into it. Here are some insights and messages I observed from it. These were the highlights.

- The Gift of having a Supportive Family.

The strong support that our family gives is the foundation for achievements. Sometimes, we got to go for the goal with or without it. The strength may also bloom from your mentors or friends, to me; every soulful, positive energy is family. Stay connected to them.

-The perks of Identifying our Passions Early.

Early doesn’t indicate childhood. It indicates the soonest the thought may occur to you on what you are naturally good or bad at. Anyone can be trained in anything to perform average; But enhancing innate skills is the one with which you can compete and outperform, ‘to create a brand of yourself in your own niche’.

-The Choice of a Best Partnership for Life.

The quality of your life depends a lot on whom you choose for life”. The context of the term ‘quality’ here, excludes materialistic things and emphasizes on an experiential life, the one of which you know your purpose and are proud of when you look back in your retired life by the seaside.

-The Unimaginable Sacrifices

To work for others , be it for your firm or for the country, you got to stop putting yourself in the first place. To serve, is to extend your help and skills in any form. If you dream for a huge life, prepare to loose the small things keeping you held. The unanswerable blames, mind toddling thoughts and the immense hardwork is all a part of the process, creating a legacy for generations behind.

The representation of his journey from the first to the last step kept me wondering if we’ve atleast begun our path forward!

His record of 35000+runs, every run had a difficult story behind; worth it though. Now, I’ve roughly figured out the difficulty coming along with the perks it offers.

Three things on the top of my mind; A good leader, down to earth amidst all- his feet is on the ground; and the one who has a definite yet infinite space, for his family and a few meaningful friendships.

His house is strongly imprinted in my mind, and he as a person as well.

His legacy is his signature and so is ours; the one we are yet to create.😊

Akshitha .R

Written by

A Deep Thinker, active, and a person who finds happiness in different, passionate work

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