Money — A Religion

Everyone on the planet talks about money, its value in our lives, ways to invest to have more and more money , want to become more and more rich.

“What is Money”? This is the real question which many of us will not be able to define properly.Believe me, it happened with 20 of my colleagues. No one is able to define it properly. Some say its currency, some say its anything that has value associated with it. All is right in their own way but no one came to the conclusion of “What is meant by Money”.

Lets have an example to understand it in better way. Lets say i have a USD 100 with me right now which i can share with one of my friend. Now say, we two are the only people that exists on this planet. Now say , he stops believing in that USD 100 and tell me that he cant trade me with that amount(not considering that amount as valid). What will i do in that scenario. No option, thrashed by his disbelief, i will either dump that amount or keep with me just as a wastage. This is exactly what i need to convey. Money is the level belief without any support. It carries the trust with it. It is a software running distributed decentralised on people. In very apt words, money is religion that is something you believe without any evidence.

Now, many people will counter-argue , if its just the belief than what is the value associated with it. I will say its just the proxy of the amount of trust which we have with each other. Our entire economy is built on this trust. And thats the reason we have our Governor’s sign on the notes with the promise of giving and retaining that value for lifetime. But what happens when this trust breaks.For eg. Demonitisation.Government broke this trust of Governor with people in pieces of paper and as a consequence a large lot of “Valuable money” just turned into pieces of paper that can be now used for making toy boats.

As long as people trusts this trust associated with money, money can find its existence between us. Once this trust breaks, economy disrupts and with that “Money”.

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