Incident management is a process where a team of engineers working in a firm who identify, analyse and correct such incidents to prevent recurrences. Incidents can make or break organisations.

Here are some steps to follow to ensure the smooth running of your incident management system and keeping your customers happy!

They help in enhancing user’s experience and ensure users are made aware of the channels that will help solve their problems.
• Multiple channels are the best way forward to solving incidents.
They could be of two types:
Tier — A tiered support program usually follows a traditional hierarchy. The first…

Meditation is an immediate stress-buster and can calm your nerves in minutes. You can find your balance and energy to work easily by practising meditation for just a while.
Here are some meditation techniques to help you relax and reboot at any time:

1. Guided meditation:
It is the best technique for beginners as someone else helps and guides you through the process and helps you de-stress and enter into a meditative state. They are generally narrated in the form of a story, instruction, imagery. They are usually sound files accessible on multiple platforms. Guided meditation uses your senses to help…

Our guide to making on-call Zen. Inspired by Tim Peters’ The Zen of Python

Order is better than disorder.

Positive is better than negative.

Straight is better than vague

Communicating now is better than communicating later.

An incident should never go unacknowledged.

Unless explicitly supressed.

An incident has one and only one commander.

Context counts.

So does documentation.

Delegating and deadlines are a fantastic idea.

Automating now is better than never automating.

Although never automating is often better than automating right now.

In the face of ambiguity, refuse the temptation to guess.

If the process is hard to explain, it’s…

An incident is an event or an occurrence that could lead to the disruption of services and operations of an organisation or could lead to them making losses. Management of incidents refers to a team of engineers working in a firm who identify, analyse and correct such incidents to prevent recurrences.

Incidents could be classified based on their technical or characteristic features:

Technical incidents:
1. Compromised computing resources:
•Operating System corruption — Due to malware or virus which causes errors to show up in the system.
• User account compromises — When the control of an individual’s account is either fully…

Wellness is a choice and a process that we make every day to lead a better, healthier and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than just being disease free; it is a dynamic operation of change and growth in human beings.

Wellness matters because every aspect of our body, mind and soul are interconnected and taking care of them individually is crucial. An individual’s wholesome well-being affects their actions and emotions and then again their well-being, it is a continuous cycle.

Optimal health is achieved only when all the dimensions of health are balanced and when each dimension is at its…

“Life has a tendency to fall apart when you’re awake, so stay in bed!”

It is said that sleep is the best meditation. It helps calm your nerves, refresh and recover from your stress and tension. I, for one, never took that advice seriously and always neglected my sleep.

For two years in my life, I took my sleep cycle and rest for granted. Not only did this cause heavy physical changes, it also brought with it many emotional and mental problems. …

When your meeting begins in 5 minutes and you are panicking or you have an important assignment due by the end of the day and heading out to relax and cool off isn’t an option.

Here are some ways you can relax and release your stress sitting at your desk:

1. Put your feelings down on paper
Maintaining a diary and penning your thoughts down will help you as words help fuel your emotions and give clarity to them. Diaries help in reducing the heaviness and burden you feel on the inside. It helps you put away negative thoughts and writing happy thoughts will help enrich the feeling of happiness within you.

2. Meditation
Meditating helps in reducing the stress that is caused by a change in your hormone levels. It helps reduce your anxiety levels…

A sound mind and body is the only way ahead to achieve one’s full potential at the work place. There are diseases and irregularities now affecting workers at their workplaces due to lifestyle changes and modern forms of occupation. Some of these diseases have genetic causes as well, but most can immediately be attributed to the changes in behavior patterns.

Here are some of the diseases that can be tackled by discontinuing and making alterations to certain habits and practices that we engage in, which can lead to us living a better and healthier life:

Stress and Mental health

Akshaya Krishnan

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