Why Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the World

No matter where ever we go, each time we think of yoga, the first name that comes to our mind is India and then Rishikesh. This is not to say that Yoga belongs to India only, it is a universal gift which can be accessed by one and all, the only thing required is acceptance. But still, Rishikesh is called the yoga capital of the world, a town where yoga blossomed and is a hub of many certified teachers, yoga teacher training providing schools and innumerable yoga teacher training course doers as well. The reason behind the town being the hub of yoga teacher training courses have confounded many. Although there are many places in India and abroad but Yoga remains the closest to Rishikesh. Be it Bali, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia, Kerala, Dharamsala, Pushakar, Thailand, we still come back to Rishikesh for something more.

Rishikesh — Yoga Capital of the World

Let us find out the reason for Rishikesh to be the place for yoga teacher training and other courses.

The peaceful Vibe

Rishikesh is surrounded by a peaceful and a happy vibe. The serene background of the Himalayan range and the blessings from Mother Ganges purifies the place and grants an air of tranquility. A tranquil atmosphere is a mandate for practicing yoga teacher training course and meditation. Also, when after a heavy day of asanas, meditation, pranayama when you come and sit by the side of mother Ganges a sense of reconciliation with the nature and a unity with the universe is felt.

House of Ashrams

Rishikesh is the hub of yogic living and raw Indian culture. With the availability of multiple ashrams, Rishikesh gets the special privilege of allowing an insight into the way gurus and adept live. Sages and saints, who live in the simplicity of nothingness can be experienced here, which is yet another important aspect of yoga teacher training.

The bliss of divinity

Religious sentiments of the Hindu religion also stay in Rishikesh. Many temples are situated in and around the town, which leads to making it is a pious place. People visiting from various parts of the world to experience yoga, also get a glimpse into traditional Indian living and how Indians worship and celebrate their festivals based on mythological tales of millions of god and goddess.

Acceptance by Localities

The localities of Rishikesh are simple and compassionate beings and have nurtured yoga in their hearts. Every family has one or other person who has been deployed in the field of yoga since childhood. Yoga is their chief profession. Apart from this, a yoga teacher trainee can see sages and saints in orange clothes moving from one place to another easily. This factor makes Rishikesh a school of spirituality on the street itself.

Authentic to its core

Drawing from the previous point, since almost all teachers have been present in the field of yoga, there to find a good, authentic teacher for a yoga teacher training course is not a difficult task. It is a hub for both yogis, yoga lovers and credible you teachers.

Apart from these reasons, Rishikesh is like, coming back to your home, where nature comes alive and thoughts flow easily. And when we are in our home, we are bound to learn get things in our yoga teacher training course.

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training School, India. Visit:https://www.akshiyogashala.org|E-mail: akshiyogashala@gmail.com, namaste@akshiyogashala.org.

Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training School, India. Visit:https://www.akshiyogashala.org|E-mail: akshiyogashala@gmail.com, namaste@akshiyogashala.org.