15 mistakes of life at 25

1. You become so serious

You are 25 go out, party, have fun. Don’t say your friends are in different cities, your office mates are boring or your locality has no happening place to go out. Stop fooling yourself, you are 25, you deserve a happening life and of course you know how to find out a way to have fun.

2. No Phone calls to parents

With job, friends, flat mates, daily chores, we tend to ignore having a connect with our families. When you will turn 35, and your parents will be old, you will keep making extra efforts for all the lost time, which you could have spent 10 years back. Calling parents only when account balance is low, or we are heartbroken, lonely is a little selfish and selfish is not good, Right?

3. Skipping the Higher Education you actually want to go for

Congratulations on getting the education your parents wanted you to get, but it is the perfect time to go for the one you always wanted to pursue. Think about it, you can plan.

4. Eat loads of junk food

Yes you are young, fit & healthy. But all the cholesterol and fat you are accumulating right now will my dear friend can cost you big time. It’s fine to eat food outside, just limit yourself and try some sort of exercise every day.

5. Holding on grudges with your best friends

Yes life at 25 is different. All those friends are now busy. Few are going for higher education, few went onsite on work assignments, and few are even planning weddings. So what? These people complete your life in some or the other way and you know that. You can’t get disconnected with them. Let the ego go and send them a message right now.

6. Work = Life

It’s ok if the code you worked on for the last 7 hours didn’t work. It’s ok if there is so much of politics in your office. It’s also ok if you are not getting that hike at the moment. Explore things, get vivid experiences, and meet new people, who knows, maybe you would end up having a bright idea to start something of your own and would never need that office again? Just a thought J

7. Zero travelling

There are so many places to travel. So what if your salary is less, there is still so much you can explore. Don’t think, pack your bags.

8. You procrastinate

You are not 20, you are 25. You are at the perfect time of life, when you should pick up and finish off everything life is offering. Your life is changing at a faster pace than it used to 5 years back. You will be 30 in no time. Few years down the line you will get married, have kids, switch jobs, start something at your own and God knows what else. So, stop procrastinating, do it now, don’t leave it for tomorrow.

9. No Love Life

Seriously you are 25 year old adult, you would have had so many crushes till now, didn’t find someone you can fall for? Someone you can imagine the next quarters of life with? Someone worth chasing & trying hard for?

10. Clinging on the relationship you are unsure of

There is no best time for parting ways. Even after giving so many chances if it is not working then you should know you deserve so much better. You are an adult now, you should know how to take right decisions. You are young, you are smart, and you probably don’t know, but you are damn attractive J

11. You don’t have a hobby till now

Learn something new, or revisit the talent you had while growing up. Painting, dancing, instrument, blogging, there has to be something you love. Try finding out.

12. Have zero savings

Try dropping some part of earnings to a savings account. It’s difficult I know still try making a cautious effort.

13. Do not own a ridiculously expensive item

You need to reward and pamper yourself. Buy an insanely expensive item, anything. You might not use it as you have spent so much on it, just look at it and feel good of yourself, of your life ;)

14. You don’t know cooking at all

Junk food, packaged food, ready to eat food, or a hired professional cook has been your way? Learn some basic cooking, it will make you feel independent and who knows where life takes you tomorrow, knowing basic cooking always helps.

15. Think world has come to an end

You lost a job, got dumped, could not clear an MBA entrance, didn’t get the promotion you were expecting and on the other hand those social media friends of yours have achieved it all and are their selfies are hitting you. That’s ok. You will sort out things. You have a lot of time, you are so young. Don’t worry and don’t ever lose your self-confidence. You have so much of potential; you will get a Plan B.