It is important to think because action based on thinking is likely to be far less painful and more productive than action based upon ignorance. So, if you want to have a life characterized by competence, productivity, security, originality and engagement rather than one that is nasty, brutish and short, you need to think carefully about important issues. There is no better way to do so than to write. This is because writing extends your memory, facilitates editing and clarifies your thinking.
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson’s 10 Step Guide to Clearer Thinking Through Essay Writing

Glad to see this line. It helps me to feel like on track more assured and beat the 1% of doubt of what I just did couple days ago: I posted on FB, a political statement on a trending political and justice/law event in my home country. Due to the high political heat among my FB circles and my rather different and unpopular awareness about Politics, Religions, And Governance..I chose not to really say my exact opinion YET — until I’m ready to say it more thoroughly and in a much better, peaceful and productive way, instead I said my neutral message to all of those who are fighting and hating each other on social medias. Of course I knew most people from booth sides will think I am ignorant, stupid, lack of sense of crisis, hypocrite, and all.. even one comment wrote a mocking short comment, saying that I should learn Kungfu (didn’t get it at first, only later I realized it might be his other way saying that I’m playing words martial arts, sort of.

I do know what I think and how I feel about the political war among them, but I wasn’t 100% sure on how can I deliver it in a non-provocative or nasty way. And there was a little peace message that doesn’t really say my details but still say the big part of my concern: I’m not part of both groups. Too much unnecessary madness from both. I chose not to share biggest portion of it, because the voice in me said i should learn more about both sideas stories. I wanted to do some more research for my personal need. So I could have clearer understanding and thinking about the whole situation than just vomiting anger, unhappiness, and pointing fingers to any of them. I wanted to do it in a more appropriately way, and I thought of book or artwork as the medium (essay, book, all about elaborating your thought n feeling). There was a little doubt on whether I should post something like that, why not go full statement. But I knew I was following my gut to not go full yet until I feel ‘yes it’s time!’. Reading this blog, and the line in particular has now convinced me that I did right. Thought I’d like to share this with you, letting you know that some lines can really give a good impact to readers. Thanks for writing n posting this!