My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

The past 4 days have been exciting, tough and I have increased my understanding of web development and javascript. I came to the boot camp expecting it will be challenging and the boot camp has not disappointed rather its exceeded my expectations.

The challenge for each day has increased my understanding the subject or reinforce the ideas I had. I am not really used to writing test, this boot camp has made me Realize that coding can be a lot easier if all programmers would write their test cases before jumping in to write code. Test write can be time-consuming but in the long run, it can save the programmer the pain of having to rework or edit the code to fix the bugs since the programmer never really thought of possible bugs or handling exceptional cases that might arise.
I knew about version control and git but never really knew how they worked. This boot has broadened my knowledge and usage of these technologies. I have a better understanding of the git workflow, branching, and I have basic git commands by heart.

The project has really forced me to learn es6 javascript and I am really getting comfortable writing javascript. My debugging skills have really improved and solving problem is becoming a lot easier with javascript because I am now more conversant with the resource at my disposal.
Working a team of aspiring developers and share thoughts and ideas was the heighten learn in this boot camp. This boot camp has also impressed on me the benefit of building relationships and seeking feedback. 
This boot camp also afforded me the opportunity to learn and be guided by my LFA whose experience help me to navigate my way out of difficulty. She also taught me some good programming concept.

This boot camp has profoundly expanded my understanding of programming concepts and problem-solving. I will continue to use this medium to increase knowledge and develop myself for the rest of the boot camp.