What did I learn from traveling on my own

I think that it is quite fun to travel solo. Because you meet a lot of new people, you learn a lot about your self. I wanted to describe several things I’ve learned from traveling on my own. The truth is that those things also very connected to the day to day life. So don’t look on this as on travellers things only, it is just my general view on life.

To Ask Questions

When you travel in different country, you don’t really know how things works. Sometimes u get lost, don’t be afraid of this, there are always a lot of people around you. Talk to them. Ask them a questions, any kind of questions — what to visit, where to go, what is the best place to go out, how to get to the place u need. There are always more knowledgable people around you, and u will get your answers for sure.

To Be Open

You never actually travel alone. All the time you surrounded by people, in bars, hostels, parks, everywhere. All you need to do is to be open and talk. You will be surprised how many people are glad to meet others, and willing to talk. So don’t be afraid.

To Be Straight

Usually you meet a lot of people when you travel on your own, and you clearly know that in one or two days you will part your ways. So if you meet other travellers — ask them about their plans, tell them yours. If you travel with someone and you don’t enjoy a place you are in — just be straight and say this, if you need time to be alone — just tell this. If you have enjoyed time you have spent together — say thank you — because u might not have other chance to do so.

To Make Your Own Decisions

When you travel solo you are in charge of your trip. All of the decisions you make are your own once, and there is no one to blame if you end up in place you did not like. Honestly most probably you will make a bad decisions at the begging, like booking all your trip in advance, or staying in bad hostels, or not doing somethings because you are on your own. Thats all fine, the most important thing is that those are yours decisions, and next time u will make a better one.

To Be Flexible

Sometime you meet people with the same plans — you can share your way with them. Maybe you did not plan to do some things initially, but you can enjoy being flexible, and do something what you did not plan to do at all. If something does not work according your initial plan, and you did push hard enough — maybe it is a moment to let it go and change the plan.

To Share Things With Your Self

Sometimes you will have moments when you are on your own. Hanging out in unknown city all day long, or having a dinner alone, or going out. It takes a while before u can really enjoy this, but once you learned — you will realise that those are a great moments, when you can just learn about your self, understand your self better. At the end of the day — there is no point on giving up doing something if you don’t have a partner. Everything is your own decisions — if you feel like drinking wine and there is no one to share with — just do it, and enjoy the process.

To Observe

There are so many things happening around you. Different country, different people. Sometime you can find your self in different situations you have not been to before, observe this. Even if you end up in a place you don’t enjoy and you can not change this easily — observe. It is a good way to learn more about yourself as well as about world.

So do not be afraid of solo trips. There is nothing special about this. From time to time I meet people who kind of admire solo travellers, like it is something special. But honestly — it is not. If u can make your own decisions — then u can travel solo too. But if you still not sure, can you do it or not — maybe start from going to the cinema on your own and see — will u enjoy it or not.

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