Can You Handle It? (Episode #5)

Michelle was shocked. How could their next test come so rapidly after their first? It didn’t matter. It was VITAL for her to prove herself to her father, and in that moment, she made the decision that she was going to win.

“Everyone get on this side of the bus!”, yelled Michelle.

Surprisingly, people listened. The bus straightened out a decent amount, and Michelle sighed. She then slowly, and carefully, made her way to the very back of the bus, and began to chip away at where a window had previously been. Then, she found the smallest girl in her presence, and helped her awkwardly crawl out through the hole where the window had been. The other teenagers followed her, and made their way to safety. Once everyone had exited the bus, Michelle thought her task was completed. Then, she RECOGNIZED a faint sigh in the distance, which RESONATED through the empty shell of a bus. When she heard that noise, she knew she had made a crucial mistake. She had left the bus driver sitting in his seat, and hadn’t even noticed. Michelle knew that if she didn’t help him out, there would potentially be a life lost, and her chances of winning anything would be forever lost. She looked around frantically for anything to help her. All the others didn’t seem interested in helping her, considering they believed their part of this test was over. Michelle bent over and looked underneath some of the seats carefully, which resulted in her finding a long, thick rope. She slowly made her way out of the window-hole she had created, and marched over towards a tree nearby. She tied the rope tightly around the tree trunk multiple times, and then made her way back to the bus, while everyone watched on. She crawled back in slowly, and yelled to the bus driver. She tossed the rope down to him, and instructed him carefully. She told him in detail how to tie the rope around his waist, and how how a MILIMETER of space inside the knot could cost him his life. He made a slight ALTERATION to his hand made harness, and then began climbing the bus an intricate manner. As soon as he got close enough, Michelle grabbed his arm, and lifted him towards her. There was a SURPLUS of glass everyone due to the multiple broken windows, so they attempted to be particularly watchful as they made their way out. Everyone applauded as Michelle and the tired bus driver emerged from the bus. Michelle looked around, and finally noticed all the camera men, mixed in among the small crowd of teenagers, while others were getting up-close shots of the DECIMATED wreckage.

The host of the game show drove up to the scene in his extraordinary car, and raised his arms in the air.

“Michelle! I strongly believe I’m speaking for everyone when I say that we didn’t realize you had that in you! Nice job, the more dramatic the content, the more viewers!”

As another coach bus drove up to the wreckage, many of the contestants grimaced, trying to seek an ALTERNATIVE method of transportation. One by one, the kids loaded onto the bus with pure expressions of DISASTER brewing on their faces.