Can You a Handle It? (episode #1)

It was an early summer morning when Michelle Stetson was taken. No one saw it coming- it was an EXTRAORDINARILY rare occurrence in her area of residence, South Haven, Michigan. It had been a particularly normal week, as 15 year-old Michelle had gone to school every day, come home, done her homework, and repeated the process. In South Haven, generally, nothing UNCONVENTIONAL or out of the ordinary ever happened. That was, until, Michelle was taken.

Michelle woke up that morning with a positive attitude, something she rarely had. She looked put the window, and noticed that there was a van parked near her house. To her MISFORTUNE, she paid no attention to it, and carried on with her morning routine. She climbed down the long, winding staircase and trudged all the way to her kitchen, expecting to see her mother by the stove, making breakfast. Michelle realized that her mother wasn’t there, which was a COMMON occurrence on Saturday mornings, but decided to give her a call anyways.

. “Mom? Hi, I was just wondering where you were. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is home besides me,” said Michelle.

. “Oh yeah sweetie I forgot to tell you that I was going to the grocery store this morning. I’ll be home in twenty minutes- oh, and by the way, I made you some breakfast, it’s in the fridge.”

Michelle’s mother hung up quite suddenly, probably accidentally. Michelle walked over to the fridge and started digging. Eventually, she gave up on trying to find whatever EXTRAVAGENT food her mother made her, and opened the freezer. She dug around for quite a while, and settled on some frozen waffles. After eating, she sat down in front of the television, and put on her favorite show, “Say Yes To The Dress”, which was a pretty stupid show, but it gave her COMFORT. Then, she heard a quiet, but audible noise coming from upstairs, which she assumed was somewhere near her room. Michelle thought that something might’ve just fallen off a shelf, but she decided to make sure.

. “Is anybody there?!”, she yelled.

When she got no response, she DEDUCTED that there truly was no one there, and crept up the stair as quietly as she could. When she turned the corner to go to her room, she found herself standing in front of a big muscular man, with a mask covering his face. Michelle was about to scream, when the MALICIOUS intruder grabbed her and covered her mouth with his hand, practically suffocating her. He tackled Michelle until she stopped resisting, and then dragged her outside into his van, which was now parked directly on her driveway. It was almost impossible for anyone to see her getting put inside the van- there were only about. 20 feet from the front door to the door of the van.

He threw Michelle into the back of the van and slammed the door shut. All around her was darkness, and it seemed completely empty. All of a sudden, she felt the van jolt into movement, and start to drive down the street at a pretty fast speed. She felt around to see if she could find anything to help her, but she couldn’t. Being the INTROVERT that she was, she hardly screamed or yelled at all. That was also partially because there was tape over her mouth that she couldn’t get off.

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