Auto-remind friends to vote: the #NeverTrump App is out

Get it here:

The app helps you quickly find people you know, who can help in swing states, and set an auto-reminder for them to vote. That’s it!

We email them on your behalf, on election day, and a few days before, to vote. Zach Coelius, my partner in this, ran a get-out-the-vote non-profit — and has proof this REALLY WORKS.

We also need your help. If you care enough about this election, in addition to posting on Facebook and Tweeting, if you could help with any of the following, we’d appreciate it:

  • Spreading the word — if you can get any location/national reporters to cover this, it’ll help a lot
  • Content — we need some (bipartisan if possible) content on why NOT Trump (not necessarily pro-Hillary). eg 5 reasons Latinos shouldn’t vote for Trump
  • Product Feedback — we don’t usually build these kind of apps, so we’re running a bit blind. user feedback is critical
  • Money — any contributions will be used only to market this app broadly, and won’t go to Hillary or any other campaign.

Message me if you want to help. Channel your anger and frustration and put it to use!

Amit Kumar
Founder & CEO, Trimian

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