It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these and been awhile since we’ve given an update overall but we’re back with another gathering so grab your popcorn, catnip, and get ready for a long read.

As usual.. TL;DR at the end!

So let’s get down to it.
To start:
1. There have been several staff resignations within the team as a result of the turbulent market and also because of personal obligations. This was not a sudden decision as they’ve previously expressed their thoughts in leaving several times over the past few months due to a multitude of factors. The core team of Crimsbot and Octoberist is still here but the main developers that were previously a part of the team has resigned.

2. In light of the resignations, we are currently looking to onboard marketing advisors as well as community managers to manage the team. We are currently in preliminary contacts with several candidates/agencies but nothing concrete has been established yet. If you’re interested please contact Crimsbot#2632 on Discord or contact via @Akumaverse on Twitter.


We’ve taken time in the past month and a half to reflect on what we’ve built in the past half-year and there‘s a key takeaway that we’ve pinned down:
- We spent too much time trying to chase the trend rather than focusing on what we’ve been trying to execute.
Rather than focusing on delivering the story and the art that we originally captivated most people with, we decided to chase the trends within the Solana ecosystem and as a result, it created a never-ending spiral of never feeling like we were successful.

Rather than chasing these trends, we’ve decided that we will shift towards focusing on our original vision of lore and art that we can deliver and is completely in our hands.


What this means is that we’re probably going to scrap the mechas idea that we originally had and will pivot towards adding another extension of the Akumaverse. With the onboardings we previously mentioned, this will be a completely new mint to bolster our budget and to also fund the development of future utilities for the Akumaverse. We’re committed to creating our own universe within the Solana ecosystem rather than being a single entity.
Holders will be rewarded for the upcoming mint, more details to come in the upcoming weeks.
The original Akumas will always be the centerpiece of the Akumaverse but there will be additional entities that will exist within the universe to tie in as lore to the story.

More details to be revealed soon. 👺


  • There have been several staff resignations due to a multitude of factors, the core team of Crimsbot and Octoberist are still with the team.
  • The team is currently searching for a marketing team/agency and community management to onboard. If you’re interested, please contact Crimsbot#2632 on Discord or @Akumaverse on Twitter.
  • The team feels like there’s been a directional shift from what we originally intended to do when we built NFTs: focus on the lore and art. We’re going to move back to this and focus on building out our universe.
  • There will be a new mint in the upcoming weeks, more details to be revealed but they will be an entity that exists with the original Akumas in the Akumaverse.
  • Akumas will always be the centerpiece of the Akumaverse.




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