21. Mixtape Menagerie

It feels sacrilegious to put songs by the Ramones and Justin Bieber on the same playlist… but I did, and I love it! My Spotify playlist called “Hey There Delilah” is a collection of mixtapes; ~200 songs that remind me of good times and great friends. I included almost all of my favorites except Skrillex and Japanese Pop. I just can’t find a bridge to connect them with the rest of the songs. Give me some time though. I’ll find a way…

I started this a few years ago, and much to my surprise, we’re just 1 shy of 20,000 followers now! I’m thrilled and tickled that people are enjoying my quirky mixtape menagerie. Even more unexpected was that last year, musicians and promoters began messaging me to see if I could help get their songs to more ears. It’s a great pleasure to introduce you to one such artist - Ryan Harris Brown. You’ll find him at ryanharrisbrown.com and is managed by Hallie Eisenberg in Nashville. I asked him a few questions to pretend I was a Rolling Stones reporter:


AY: This may be difficult, but what is your favorite song you’ve written? Tell us a bit about the experience of creating it and why it stands out for you.

RHB: Probably my favorite song that I’ve written up to this point is a song called “Home Again”. It was a song that I’d been wanting to write for a while and it came in the midst of writing a different song entirely. But when it came, it came fast and fully developed. It’s a real nice balance of lyric, guitar and groove for me. Which are the three most important things for me in any song. It also felt great to get something off my chest, once I finished the lyric.

AY: I love “Home Again” because it soothes me when I’m longing for safety and familiarity. Where’s “home” for you?

RHB: Home for me is a few places. The first being my hometown. I grew up in Northeastern Pennsylvania in a small town called Clark’s Summit, just outside of Scranton. It was a great place to grow up, but I haven’t lived there since I was 19. I relocated to Nashville, TN about 6 years ago, and it’s there with my wife and my cat, I feel most at home. I also have a sense of Home when I’m playing guitar or anywhere in the proximity of one of my instruments. Kind of like, anywhere I can have my guitar, I’m home.

AY: My playlist is a collection of songs I count on to cheer me on through life. What are your go-to songs, and what feelings do they invoke for you?

RHB: A few songs that I listen to when I’m feeling down are “Isn’t it a Pity” by George Harrison, “Don’t Give Up On Me” sung by Solomon Burke and “Evaporated” by Ben Folds Five.


Ryan, best of luck to you and your songs! I hope they reach all the ears and hearts they desire.

Dear readers/listeners, thank you for helping me celebrate my love for this playlist. I mess around with it frequently so if you’re missing some songs that used to be on there, you can look for it at: “Delilah’s Friends”.

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