As a European, I don’t understand this mentality.

This is actually a new concept for people. Most non-black people here in America just lump every black person together. I have had people look at me and start saying things to me that they think “the general black population would like,” just because I look black. People have even told my baby that he would be successful as a basketball player, or a dancer or a singer. I am a physician and my husband is an accountant. If I were white or Asian, I’m sure they wouldn’t have said that. Research from Stanford has actually shown that people make millisecond judgements on people’s race before they can even consciously process the information. This article is actually saying that we are not all the same. We don’t all listen to rap music and talk loud, and dance hip hop, etc, etc. White people are seen as individuals and having different perspectives and personalities, but Asians, blacks, latinos, etc, usually have one predominant stereotype. This show “the new Black” looks at black people from a different perspective.

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