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24-hour news is like water, you need to turn it off sometimes

Here’s a quote I saved recently from Ryan Holiday:

“An entrepreneur friend of mine remarked to me…

After the B.C. sawmill explosions: are workplaces safer?

Tracking the 33 recommendations made by the jury in the coroner’s inquest to prevent fatal mill explosions in British Columbia

Freedom from speech

I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe in a world where people can go wherever they choose without being subjected to harassing, hateful language. I’m not always

Almost Mainstream: The Best of 2014 Mixtape

A premium, 45-minute-a-side cassette mixtape of some of my favourite tracks of 2014.

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dispatches from and about the true north strong and free

Northern British Columbia’s number one morning show! Carolina de Ryk & Russell Bowers host weekdays on CBC Radio: 91.5 FM Prince George, 860 AM Prince Rupert, 88.3 FM Fort St John.

#2014In5Words: In Case You Missed It

Just as “Fear Of Missing Out” describes the anxiety people have that they’ll miss someone else’s awesome thing, “In Case You

Opting Out

Not confronting discrimination is easier when it doesn’t affect you

In a post called “The Racists We Love,” Jay Kirell documents the help he’s had in…

Podcasts aren’t “back”, a new type of podcast has arrived

With Serial and StartUp, we’ve entered the Netflix-era for audio production.

Something in the water

A brief history of fluoride coming out of your tap

On Saturday, November 15, people in Prince George will be asked to vote on


A lack of graffiti can signal no crime, but it can also signal no creativity, no pedestrians, and no fun

Stop Posting, Start Blogging

Your writing is valuable and interesting. Stop throwing it away.

Last year around this time I wrote a post called “I Miss Blogger.” I talked about how before everyone was on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, there were just a few people I knew who would update their personal blogs every few days or so, and the personal touch you got from seeing their…