Though it’s now a reality, but on my inside, I still feel like I am not yet done dreaming. I now agree to the saying that anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve too.

Andela is the largest and most recognized foreign institution that teaches Android Application Development in the world. They started an initiative called ALC in support with the leading technology company in the world Google Inc and Udacity “an online technology Academy offering world-class higher education opportunities that are accessible, flexible, and economical”.

I never imagined having anything connecting me with these big and reputable companies.

But guess what?

I will tell you how it all happened just within 90 days.

It all started after I took the most challenging decision of my life to run an internship with Rad5 Tech Hub, the leading technology innovation hub in Abia State and Southeastern Nigeria in combination with my schooling.

Towards the end of my internship program at Rad5 Tech Hub, the #ALCAndela17 #ALCAbia program came up, my mentor “John Nnanna Oji” said to me “you will be the one to facilitate the program, so prepare yourself”. I was dumbfounded, and was grieved with fear how a three month student in android will be facilitating such a big program, coupled with my school first semester examination that was coming up at that same period.

I needed to prepare for the program and also prepare for my examination. Hmm! It was a great battle within me. I pleaded with my mentor, “Please I will need your presence during the program” and he responded saying it’s nothing, just prepare very well, you can do it. I had to present the challenges to God and I gathered the courage and said to myself “Peter you can do it”.

When the Program started, it was not a small battle as I Kept forgetting some stuffs I needed to share with the participants, you know how it feels when you try to pass a knowledge of something you just learnt coupled with a kind of stage fright, but thank God for my mentor and co-developers who were there to support me. And as time went on I started becoming stronger and more confident. What made me happy most during this program was that after the groups created by Andela to carry out a project, my team #ALCAbia made the best result in our zone. This made me proud that I actually impacted my participants a knowledge.

On the grand finale of the program where the participants were to be engaged on a 5 hour hackathon exercise, I was nearly deprived attending the hackathon due to my examination clash with the grand finale, but I was very happy when I came out of the examination hall to the hackathon venue and saw how the participants were doing wonders. I was filled with joy that I am part of their success stories.

When they tagged me on their success stories after being certified by Andela for completing their android beginners course, I felt on top of the world to have contributed to their success.

By the special grace of God the 2 months bi-weekly program all went successfully and was awesome, and now rewarded by Andela, Google and Udacity with a certificate as a VOLUNTEER FACILITATOR in the ALC program. Wow! Akwa Peter a certified Android Volunteer Facilitator. May the name of God be praised.

Indeed, decisions are the bedrock for either becoming a “success” or “failure” in life.

My candid advice to you out there

If I can make it, you too can do better, just make up your mind. Take that decision that will make a change in your life and grab even the smallest opportunity that comes your way, it might turn out big. Programming is the simplest thing you will ever think of, if only you can create time for it and develop your passion for it.

I will not fail to appreciate all who played one role or the other to seeing the success of the event.

Thanks be to Almighty God for the generous grace and wisdom he bestowed on me to bring up young developers through the program.

Special thanks to my passionate mentor “Mr. John Nnanna Oji” who gave me the opportunity to facilitate the program, to Mr. Igwe Uguru for his advice and support during the program and to the entire family of Rad5 Tech Hub. Not forgetting my friends Mr. Prince Bassey, Frederick Onwukwe and Chukwudi for their kind support during this program.

Thanks to you all, Am grateful.

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