Mathochism: Add and drop

One woman’s attempt to revisit the math that plagued her in school. But can determination make up for 25 years of math neglect?

I made a really stupid mistake today — one that may mean I can’t take geometry this semester.

My college has an online enrollment system. Students are given the opportunity to add or drop classes within a certain time-frame. I haven’t been able to figure out how students are given priority in this system, but as a part-timer, I’m not high on the list. This meant that, when it came to enrolling in geometry this fall, the section I really wanted was full. However, I did get into another section and was somewhat resigned to it. But recently, I’ve realized that class day and time is going to conflict often with various other career commitments, be they networking opportunities or theater review gigs. And the section I originally wanted wouldn’t.

The college actively encourages students to keep going online to see if a spot has opened in a class they would rather want. And today, a spot opened in the section I really wanted. Ecstatic, I jotted down the information, and proceeded to drop the other class. When I went to add this new class, however, I was denied. And, even worse, I couldn’t get back into my old section! I am officially out of classes! GAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Panicked, I tried to call the college, but got caught in a maze of automated menus. Luckily, I was done with deadlines for the day, so I was able to drive to school and try to plead my case in person. I was also lucky enough to get a parking space — the campus was mobbed.

After standing in a relatively short line, I told the admissions officer my tale of woe. I impressed upon him that it was a mistake. Which it was! I would never have dropped that class had I known I couldn’t get another one!

But he couldn’t help me. He told me my best bet is to go to the class this week and talk to the instructor. Oh, and that the college will keep most of its fees (including a ridiculously expensive parking pass) even if I’m not successful.


Therefore, I’m hedging my bets. I plan to attend the class I really wanted tonight, in hopes that the instructor might add me. I will also go to the section I was once enrolled for, in hopes of the same. As a last resort, I will contact the math department chair.

Sigh. Revisiting geometry is bad enough. Now I have to beg to do it!

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