Mathochism: Tested again

One woman’s attempt to revisit the math that plagued her in school. But can determination make up for 25 years of math neglect?

For some reason, I was a lot calmer about the second test. Partly, it was a sense of fatalism. I could only do my best, after all, and if that wasn’t good enough, oh well.

I studied, of course. I feel I got a good grip on previously fuzzy concepts like end behavior. I practiced graphing and long division. I reviewed Descartes’ law of signs and the rules of inverse functions.

Once I finally got the test, a cursory look showed no surprises. Still, there were at least two problems I couldn’t figure out. One used the bounds rule, the other the Cartesian rule of signs. But none of the answers matched mine, even though I know I was using the correct method. I wound up just guessing, which is not a method I like. I definitely plan on cornering the Youthful Professor during the next class to see what the deal is.

And speaking of professors, I heard the Brofessor’s name bandied about by two classmates as we all waited for the test. Naturally, I couldn’t resist joining their conversation.

They shared my opinion of his teaching, and I’m sorry to report that he is apparently just as bored with/bad at dealing with pre-calc as Intermediate Algebra. These students made the mistake of taking the course with him in the summer, and dropped it in disgust, saying he wouldn’t answer their questions, preferring instead to make them feel stupid.

Ah, yes, the Brocratic method!

I feel for them, because I had to drop summer pre-calc with a great instructor who was happy to answer my questions. It’s already a bear of a class, so taking it with a lousy teacher must be agony.

I should get my test results tomorrow. I hope to scrape a B, but mostly, I just want to know where I went wrong.

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