The Extraordinary Case of Mr Yamazaki
Solomon Kingsnorth

This might be no consolation to anyone that isn’t able to, but if it’s possible for you to homeschool then you can implement (part of) this “Hitaisho method”. My own daughter is 4, and starting school in less than 2 weeks. I am very excited and so is she, but primarily for the increased peer-to-peer interaction she’ll enjoy. I plan on supplementing her education experience throughout her life, and if I can achieve the career I desire I’ll definitely homeschool her at least one year — if she’s willing. My sweet kid loves making friends and is very outgoing, so I can understand if she will want to remain in an organized group learning experience. However, I’m going to make sure she continually reaches and redefines her potential, and perhaps the “Hitaisho method” will contribute to that paradigm.

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