Be a lighthouse, not a tugboat
Jonas Ellison

“Be the lighthouse not the tugboat,” I love that. But honestly, it was a bit hard to get past the “feces colored filter,” I honestly wish you’d used another adjective…that was a bit of overkill there to me. However, once I did get over “feculence” it was a lovely end that made me feel relieved to be honest. Why relieved? Well, because it’s so easy to hold yourself responsible for someone’s inability or unwillingness to climb out of their rut. You often wish you had better things to say… and sometimes engaging in co-suffering as a result; if I can’t help you, I will suffer alongside you. But by choosing to be happy while still present, offers an alternative reality of sorts that could provide the necessary impetus and direction to guide them out of their darkness…

Cheers mate! Keep em’ coming.