Why I Must Run…daily if possible

Near Central Park, at the corner of stop and go!

I went for a run this morning.. It was hard and sweet.

My legs ached, my knees were buckling on the last mile… My eyes burnt violently from the sweat running down my forehead… That was liberating!

Life continues to deliver soul-crushing punches in pursuit of that ever-elusive dream. Then I hit the road and suddenly, I belong to an elite bunch of achievers; the early risers and daredevils willing to defy the morning traffic and the wet grass and uneven terrain. My resilience is forever etched into 5 miles of twists and turns, highs and lows.

Now, I return to the other things in my life over which I have little to no control. But this time I am armed with a story of defiance — of pushing harder when every bone in my body says to surrender; “the optimism of the will defies the pessimism of the intellect.” For every email carrying news of a rejection, I have a mile of success and a hill that calls me conqueror!!

And tomorrow, I get to relive that success all over again…if I should so choose - I must choose wisely!