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Travel while you’re young

This is the time for small paychecks and big memories. This is the time for travel. We are about as attached to one location as we are to…

Teens Are Onto Something

Explaining the obsession with YouTube

A few months ago, my Aunt told me that she was getting my 15 year old cousin tickets to Playlist Live…


Setting the stage

Sometime late last week (if anecdotal evidence in my Facebook newsfeed is to be believed) the #IceBucketChallenge went viral.

Connecting the dots

Unsolicited advice on becoming the kind of person that others turn to for help

Everyone has that friend or colleague.

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A Love Story

A modern-day column on work, life, careers, and other musings. Or as our parents would say, “Career advice from people who don’t know what a career is yet.”

On Paper, Facebook, and social networks re-imagined

A day’s thoughts on Facebook’s latest mobile efforts

I joined Facebook towards the end of high…

Why we killed our online submission tool

And advice on how to pitch venture firms

Earlier this week, I saw a fairly inconspicuous tweet come across Lightbank’s

Not another post about messaging

Why the real potential of Instagram Direct has everything to do with brands and business 

Many folks have weighed in…

An Open Letter to Michigan Freshmen

Dear Incoming Michigan Freshmen,

Enjoy Welcome Week. Be nice to the Move-in-Makers (most of them just signed up as an excuse to get

Story behind: The Lunch Read

The tale of nine 20-somethings and the origins of an experiment in content, curation, and community

On management

Reframing great advice from startup managers 

I came across two posts yesterday that struck a chord. Each offered advice that felt right, tangible, and…

How to ask for an introduction

Proper etiquette to get advice or land a meeting.

I received an email from a good friend yesterday. She asked for a favor: to…