Getting at the deep rules that give rise to pattern-level behavior of the whole system is going to be necessary before we can make the change.
Systems of Wealth Hoarding Hide in Your Mind
Joe Brewer

People have been acting as though they are unaware of all you are saying for many decades but I don’t believe them. I think you are giving too much credence to what people pretend to think. I think that this self centred approach to wealth has been willingly adopted because people thought that it would benefit themselves not the whole world. Only when they are on the receiving end they change their attitude. It is not human nature to be greedy but a very large number of people do not have human nature. They chose to put it aside and chose self interest at the expense of everyone else. Unfortunately people have left it very late to reconsider that attitude. So maybe rethinking the rules would be a good idea if people really had the will. I would love to see the evidence of it.

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