Where is heaven?

Before looking for heaven. Let’s define heaven. What is Heaven? What does it look like? To me, Heaven is a place where:

  • What I do, think and feel is in sync.
  • My life is infinite.
  • I get what I want.
  • I am happy all the time.
  • I am surrounded by people I like.

That is a place which I would call heaven. What else would you want there? Now let’s compare this to our life.

What I do, Think and feel is in sync

If you want to play the Violin, if you want to cook, if you want to play a sport .. What is stopping you? You will probably now find an excuse or simply blame someone or something for your inability to perform what you want to do. Most of the time, it is categorized under “Pleasing People” you want to please others over yourself. You want the society to look at you as a generous and kind individual more than you're wanting to behave in a manner that feeds your inner desire. Or maybe, you have built a giant wall of thoughts that you can’t break right now because those ideas were constructed since you were 2 years old and now they have become part of a very firm belief in your system.

No matter how strong the elephant is, because of its belief that it won't be able to break the chain. The elephant will forever stay ~ Photo Source is Google

So… What is stopping you from doing what you feel like doing? Is it you and your subconscious programming to please others or a belief you have that says you can’t?

My life is infinite

Living an infinite life is heaven right? OK, now let’s be honest. When you have your inner conversations and ask yourself this question: “How long will I live?”, do you say “Infinitely” with good feelings? Or do you say “I would probably live to my 70's”

Back in the ancient days and lives, people used to live longer. For example in the Bible old testimony, Adam lived up to 930 years. His son Seth also lived up to 912. Now, If I asked you, do you want to live to the age 930? Most of you would say: “No; I will be lonely”, “I will look old”, “I will have no power nor energy to function”. I am very sure that I haven’t asked you about your health condition, nor your relationship with others. I was specific about your age. Yet, because that belief is so firm in your subconscious, you tend to perceive it as reality and fact. You defended it. This behavior is called “Self Sabotage

There are areas in Japan and China, where their average lives reach over 100+. So your reality is not theirs, because they have different beliefs about life.

I get what I want

How can you get what you really want? Financial targets, a car, a trip to Mexico, a Ferrari? Do you realize that you are a vibrant being? You vibrate at a certain frequency. That frequency attracts similar items. Those items will form your reality. So if you want a Ferrari, you have to vibrate at the same level as a Ferrari for a period of time to manifest.

You might also say now “I want a Ferrari next week. I did vibrate at the same frequency, but I did not get it”. Well, this takes us to another topic, which is Time.

Kazakhstan 2014
Albert Einstein said “Time is an illusion.”

That is why when you are happy time flies. When you are frustrated, the clock barely moves. The time we use in our daily life is a man-made concept. Do not live by it; it is making you think of the future, more than this moment. And in order to manifest the Ferrari you need to stay focused on this moment with similar vibrations. So when you think about the future, you tend to lose this moment.

I am happy all the time.

There was a study conducted on two individuals. One who just won the lottery and the other who got paralyzed. You can imagine how different those feelings are. However, after 6 months, their happiness level was exactly the same. Meaning, they both adjusted a few months later. They returned back to their original vibrantion level. Which tells us a lot about how to be happy. It is not something we wait to receive from the outside world. It is something we generate from our inner soul. How can you stay happy now? Be grateful! Appreciate everything around you and everything that is happening to you and for you.

Surrounded by people I like

When I define the term “people I like/love”, those are people whom I feel comfortable being with. Meaning people that connect with me on the same vibration level and share with me the same beliefs about many different things. Which is very doable now, after mastering your vibrations and beliefs.

Where is Heaven? Heaven is Here and Now. You can make what you want out of this life. Remove time from your equations. It is a man-made concept. Don't limit your life to 50 or 60 years. Plan your life as if you are living infinitely.
Heaven is now & here.

P.S: I am not saying that there isn’t another heaven in the afterlife.